Aug 03, 2020

We are dealing with some crazy and difficult times right now in our world! And I believe as believers these are our greatest days! The world needs hope like never before and we can be a part of the solution!


After about 4 months of having church online only, we have now had a few Sundays worshiping in our building. And it is amazing! In many ways it reminds me of when we first started the church 22 years ago in an elementary school cafeteria. I would describe it as a relaunching of our church not just a regathering. Every week we are seeing people make a decision to follow Jesus, we are seeing many first time guests and taking their next steps!


These aren’t days that we should retreat or even maintain, but these are days that we need to advance! Jesus commands us to “Go and make disciples of all nations” and now is our time! So, here are three keys I believe that will help you as a leader navigate through uncharted waters. These principles are helpful...

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Let's Go!

Jul 13, 2020

I love that phrase! It’s often used when you are getting ready to go somewhere or begin a new venture. Anytime God is calling you to do something new and different there are always going to be obstacles:

Fear of the Unknown



People Pleaser

I know because I have experienced all of the above at times. But as we approach our Grand Re-Opening this Sunday at C3 Church I am filled with faith and courage!

God’s word says that God does not give us a spirit of fear but of: 


LOVE and a


I am praying for the same boldness that God gave the disciples in the early church. 

Acts 4:31, “After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.” (NIV)

It’s no secret that so many people are hurting, confused, uptight and anxious. The world needs the church during this time like never before! 

I love how God is using online to...

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May 01, 2020


In my previous post, I began sharing about how to Lead Through a Crisis. I think we can all agree that we are going through a crisis right now in our world with Covid-19. Let me remind you that now is not the time for motivational teaching, but it’s a time for leaders to lead with empathy and compassion. 

The second point I would like to share with you is that we need to Lead with Love! The Bible says in Matthew 20:26, “....Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.”  This is the perfect example that Christ gave us as He led and loved people throughout His ministry.  He showed us how to lead…even those who questioned Him and denied Him.  The disciples carried out His earthly ministry and followed His example.  They ministered alongside Jesus.  They had a front row seat to every life that He touched.  Through serving, we are actually leading. Through leading, we are loving. We...

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Apr 20, 2020


How do we lead people through a crisis? Now is not the time for motivational teaching but it’s a time for leaders to lead with empathy and compassion. There’s power when we do what is on the heart of God. And people are on God’s heart. That’s what He cares about most!

From creation, He longed to have a relationship with us. He cares about us more than anything else in the world, it is "soul" deep, and personal. Eternity is His focus, but our lives here on this earth are His masterpieces in the making.  

Anointing comes when we do what is God's heart, and His heart is clearly and passionately given to evangelism. Sharing with as many as possible about the unconditional love and selfless sacrifice of Christ on the cross is the driving purpose of our existence. 

Crisis moves people to be open to hearing about the hope they have in Christ. This is our finest hour at this time in the world to share this...

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