Apr 20, 2020


How do we lead people through a crisis? Now is not the time for motivational teaching but it’s a time for leaders to lead with empathy and compassion. There’s power when we do what is on the heart of God. And people are on God’s heart. That’s what He cares about most!

From creation, He longed to have a relationship with us. He cares about us more than anything else in the world, it is "soul" deep, and personal. Eternity is His focus, but our lives here on this earth are His masterpieces in the making.  

Anointing comes when we do what is God's heart, and His heart is clearly and passionately given to evangelism. Sharing with as many as possible about the unconditional love and selfless sacrifice of Christ on the cross is the driving purpose of our existence. 

Crisis moves people to be open to hearing about the hope they have in Christ. This is our finest hour at this time in the world to share this...

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