Mar 05, 2020

4 Fears that hinder us from living and leaving a legacy

When God is calling us out of our comfort zone - He wants us to walk by faith and the enemy of that faith is fear.  

Fear of Failure -- The fear of failure consistently limits millions of believers from reaching their full potential.  The fear of failure leads us to ask – “What if I really do obey God, and then I mess up?”  “What if I ‘step out of the boat’ and follow God and then it doesn’t happen.”  All of us can face this fear. The voice of the fear of failure says “Hey, don’t even bother trying this thing – you can’t do it.  Besides, what if you try and fail?”

Fear of Success -- What if I obey God and supernatural things start to happen in my life?  What will people say?  What if I really begin to move forward in my life?  What will my friends think?  What if God does a supernatural thing...

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