Feb 04, 2019

Who’s First?

Is it possible to live a life that is Blessed?

Blessed - Held in reverence. Honored in worship.

Everybody wants to be a champion. Everybody wants to get First Place. No athlete says my goal is to win a silver medal.

Anyone who wants to be successful doesn’t strive to be second place. Every football team wants to win the Super Bowl. Then they will hang a flag over their arena and let everyone know that they got FIRST PLACE! Nobody hangs a banner that says "We finished 5th Place in the Tournament."

For us to live BLESSED we must understand this principle that God Must Be FIRST!

If you want to be a champion for God the key is making sure that HE is FIRST PLACE IN YOUR LIFE

We see the principle of First-Fruits and Giving throughout scripture. It’s one of the first principles we need to understand after conversion.  

The word "faith" or its variations is used 246 times in the Bible. “Without faith it’s...

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