May 04, 2018

It’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago we were celebrating the release of my book I AM – Encounter The One That Gives You Purpose and Peace in a Crazy World!

Many people have asked me if it was difficult to write a book.

And the short answer is yes - it is a challenge!

But, you can do it! I believe that everyone should consider writing a book.

Dr. Elmer Towns, who has written hundreds of books and is the Co-Founder of Liberty University, encouraged me to write a book. I asked him "why," and he said that your book will:

1. Last longer than you will last

2. Go places you will never go.

In other words it’s a way to help a lot of people and leave a legacy!

So, here are a few thoughts if you are thinking about writing a book:


Do you have a passion to help people?

I believe writing a book is similar to other opportunities and you have to ask yourself do you have a passion to make a difference? If your heart is not in it, it is going to be almost impossible.


I was having difficulty getting motivated to write a book until God gave me a purpose. I had literally been talking and thinking about writing a book for years, but when I determined that I could share my story and the truth of God, it would set people free! Immediately, the words started flowing out of me.


You have to discipline yourself to set specific times each week to write the book. I set aside 2 days a week to focus on the book. Some weeks it was only a half a day. Some weeks it was almost 2 full days. The other days I did not really think about it very much at all.


I believe it takes a team. After you write your first chapter, have a few people who are good writers and enjoy reading, read it and give you feedback.

I was blessed to have an amazing team that I would bounce ideas off of or they would even help me edit it. You need a team to help with the preparation, the content, the lay out, the packages, artwork and the promotion of it. When people hear you are writing a book, you will be surprised at those close to you that would be willing to help you.


Stop thinking about it and start writing! The most difficult paragraph to write is the first one! You just have to go for it, pray and ask God to give you the words. You can do it! I’d love to hear what God does in your life.

You can go to the I AM Book page for tons of FREE resources including the I AM small group videos, I AM bookmarks, reminders and so much more!