Apr 30, 2018

This Sunday we are starting a brand new series called Real Hope that I am so excited about it! We are taking the whole month of May and focusing on outreach in our community and around the world. Each week we will have a different focus and will ask you to bring different items to the C3 for us to donate, as well as give you ideas so you can go out and serve during the week!

Week 1: May 6

Hope Focus: First Responders (Fire, EMS, and Police)

Gather: Stock the Snacks

Items to Bring: Gum, Gatorade, Protein Bars, and Coffee

Scatter Ideas:

  • Buy coffee for a local police officer.
  • Write a thank you note to your local fire department.
  • Call your local EMS and offer to prepare a meal for them.

Week 2: May 13

Hope Focus: Widows, Orphans, and the Forgotten

Gather: iChoose Pregnancy Center

Items to Bring: Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Tissues, and Clorox Wipes

Scatter Ideas:

  • Offering to mow the grass of a neighbor who is a single mom or widow.
  • Bless a family with an exceptional child with a gift card.
  • Choose to sponsor a child through World Help or Children’s Cup.

Week 3: May 20

Hope Focus: Educators

Gather: Bless our Schools

Items to Bring: Notebook Paper, Pencils, Hand Sanitizer, and Dry Erase Markers

Scatter Ideas:

  • Provide a meal for a teacher.
  • Write a thank you note to a school employee.
  • Buy a gift card for your child’s teacher.

Week 4: May 27

Hope Focus: Military

Gather: I AM Outreach

Buy an I AM book and we will donate one to the military.

Scatter Ideas:

  • Write a thank you note to a member of our armed services.
  • When you see someone in the military at a restaurant, offer to buy their meal.
  • Send a care package to someone serving our country overseas.

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