Sep 03, 2018
One of the values we have at C3 that we are focusing on this month is "We are Passionate." What we mean by that is we have a "leaning in" culture. So, we lean into worship, we lean into the Word and we lean into God. It is something that happens from the inside out. It's not based on our background, personality, denomination - it's a Jesus thing! Consider these questions - Am I passionate? Am I passionate for God's Word? Am I passionate for worship? We lift up our hands not because we are trying to impress anybody, but it flows from the inside out.
Passion is a value that keeps you believing and expecting that your greatest days are ahead.
Optimistic vs. Passion
Being passionate is different than being optimistic. Optimistic depends on circumstances but passion flows from the inside and comes from God whether the circumstances are good or bad. 
Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  • What is your passion?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you cry about?
  • What do you dream about?
  • What makes you laugh?
You can determine the vision someone has by what they are passionate for.
C3 has a value that we are passionate for God!
When C3 first started, we didn’t know exactly who we were. It took us about 5 years to figure out what our DNA was. But from the beginning we did know one thing - we are a passionate church!
Even though the church growth experts said to not have expressive worship in church, because if you allow people to raise their hands and clap it will scare off the unchurched. We decided that we were going to be authentically passionate and when people see that we are passionate for God, they may not fully understand it at first, but they will be attracted to it because they know that we have something that they don’t have.
Another way of putting this is we have a culture that leans in. We lean in during the sermon by taking notes, and we lean in during worship by responding through our actions. 
  • It’s not a denominational thing - it’s a Jesus thing!
  • It’s not a style of worship - it’s a passion for God!
11 Steps to Being a Passionate Leader:
1. It flows from the inside out
2. It flows when you are committed to a cause
3. It flows when you know the why behind the what.
It’s not a blind passion, it’s not passion for everything, rather it’s passion for God, the things of God and passion for what God wants to do! It's passion based on truth.
Proverbs 19:2, “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good;  haste makes mistakes.”(NLT)
4. It’s not based on feelings.
5. It doesn’t depend on age.
6. It’s not based on your personality.
7. You can’t be prideful and passionate at the same time.
8. Passion is contagious, apathy is also contagious.
9. Passion creates an exciting and encouraging environment.
10. Passion should be demonstrated in every environment.
It’s not limited to one environment. You are passionate when it’s just you and God, you are passionate in your leadership training meetings, you are passionate during worship, You are passionate as you lead others, you are passionate when you are meeting with somebody one on one.
11. Passion doesn’t always means loud, but it usually does.
Psalm 98:4, “Shout to the Lord, all the earth; break out in praise and sing for joy!(NLT)

Check out this 60-second video about passion!