Jesus as the Mighty God Throughout the Bible

Dec 10, 2019

We are in a sermon series called "King of Kings".  In this series, we are focusing on the fact that our God truly is the King of Kings.  When we understand that we serve a God who is not only THE King, but that He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, it changes everything!

This past Sunday I shared how God reveals Himself in every book of the Bible.  Many people have asked for it, so I wanted to share it with you.

Genesis – Creator & promised Redeemer

Exodus – The Passover Lamb

Leviticus – High Priest

Numbers – Water in the desert

Deuteronomy – He becomes the curse for us

Joshua – Commander of the army of the Lord

Judges – Delivers us from injustice

Ruth – Our Kinsman-Redeemer

1 Samuel – All in one, He is the Prophet/Priest/King

2 Samuel – King of grace & love

1 Kings – A Ruler greater than Solomon

2 Kings – The powerful prophet

1 Chronicles – Son of David that is coming to rule

2 Chronicles – The King who reigns eternally

Ezra – Priest proclaiming freedom

Nehemiah – The One who restores what is broken

Esther – Protector of his people

Job – Mediator between God and man

Psalms – Our song in the morning and in the night

Proverbs – Our wisdom

Ecclesiastes – Our meaning for life

Song of Solomon – Author of faithful love

Isaiah – Suffering Servant

Jeremiah – The weeping Messiah

Lamentations – He assumes God’s wrath for us

Ezekiel – Son of Man

Daniel – The stranger in the fire with us

Hosea – Faithful husband even when we run away

Joel – He is sending His Spirit to His people

Amos – Delivers justice to the oppressed

Obadiah – Judge of those who do evil

Jonah – The greatest missionary

Micah – He casts our sin into the sea of forgetfulness

Nahum – Proclaims future world peace we cannot even imagine

Habakkuk – Crushes injustice

Zephaniah – The Warrior who saves

Haggai – Restores our worship

Zechariah – Prophesies a Messiah pierced for us

Malachi – Sun of righteousness who brings healing

Matthew – The Messiah who is King

Mark – The Messiah who is a Servant

Luke – The Messiah who is a Deliverer

John – The Messiah who is a God in the flesh

Acts – The Spirit who dwells in His people

Romans – The righteousness of God

1 Corinthians – The power and love of God

2 Corinthians – He is the down payment of what’s to come

Galatians – He is our very life

Ephesians – The unity of our church

Philippians – The joy of our life

Colossians – Holds the supreme position in all things

1 Thessalonians – Our comfort in the last days

2 Thessalonians – Our returning King

1 Timothy – Savior of the worst sinners

2 Timothy – Leader of the leaders

Titus – Foundation of truth

Philemon – Our Mediator

Hebrews – Our High Priest

James – He matures our faith

1 Peter – Our hope in times of suffering

2 Peter – The One who guards us from false teaching

1 John – Source of all fellowship

2 John – God in the flesh

3 John – Source of all truth

Jude – Protects us from stumbling

Revelation – King of Kings and Lord of Lords

The Alpha and the Omega,

The Beginning and the End, and

He is coming again and the One who makes all things new.


Isn't it amazing how He is our everything and there for us through any and every situation?  

I would also like to invite you to join us at C3 Church for our Christmas Eve Services.  This is going to be a special family service where we gather together to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Mark your calendars for December 23rd at 7:00 PM or December 24 at 2:00 PM or 4:00 PM.  Bring your family and invite a friend.  You never know how one invitation can change someone's life.