21 days fasting prayer Jan 04, 2019

Starting Sunday, January 6th through January 26th, our church family and many other churches around the world are taking 21 days to seek God through prayer and fasting. Join us for our prayer gatherings throughout the week on January 12th at 9am, January 17th at 7pm, January 19th at 9am and then join us for the last Saturday of the 21 Days for our Dream Team Conference at 9am on January 26th. 

We will also have Facebook Live happening at 6am Monday - Friday with a 3 minute devotional and prayer. This will be our daily time of prayer together, so be sure to join us for this on Facebook!

Below are the Daily Prayer Focuses:

Day 1 – Church Services

Day 2 – Our Leaders – Nation, State, and City (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Day 3 – Our Pastors, church staff, connect group leaders, dream teamers, overseers, trustees

Day 4 – Our City – Clayton, Garner, Smithfield, Raleigh, and surrounding cities

Day 5 – Our Nation – national missions (ARC and Liberty Church Network), revival in America

Day 6 – Our World – international missions (leadership training and church planting), Guatemala

Day 7 – Prayer Gathering at 9am

Day 8 – Church Services

Day 9 – The Lost – services, family members

Day 10 – Small Groups – leaders, members, real life change

Day 11 – Next Steps and Dream Team – leadership development, covering over every leader, fresh vision

Day 12 – Children and Students (C3 Kids and Zeal)

Day 13 – C3 College

Day 14 – Prayer Gathering at 9am

Day 15 – Church Services

Day 16 – Families and marriages

Day 17 – Our Church’s vision for 2019 – building projects, conferences, finances, leaders 

Day 18 – My personal vision for 2019 – freedom from habits, debt, relationships, ministry, reaching my full potential

Day 19 – Personal freedom and deliverance – breakthrough in every area!

Day 20 – Our specific needs (finances, health, family members to be saved and other personal needs.) Pray for the sick – anoint with oil.

Day 21 – Closing Prayer Service at our Dream Team Conference